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West Coast Rottweiler Rescue is a small group of Rottweiler lovers here in Western Australia who  are devoted to saving Rottweilers.  Our mission is to provide quality care for these precious Rottweilers who have been abused, neglected, abandoned or surrendered.  We bring these rescue Rottweilers into a safe environment and we try to find new and forever loving homes for them. Our Rottweilers we save, come from council pounds and relinquish families.  Most of them would be euthanized without our intervention.  

We evaluate each Rottweiler in order to place them in the most suitable adoption home. This is very important as we do not want these sweet dogs to go through the trauma of another rejection.

 Any physical ailments that the Rottweiler has, such as ear infections, eye infections, we try to treat prior to placement. We do everything within our power to ensure that the Rottweilers we place are healthy, but we can not guarantee this. We also can not guarantee against any major illnesses, diseases, congenital conditions or hereditary defects occurring in any of these Rottweilers. The testing for this is very expensive and we do not have the funds to provide such testing. 

If you just want a Rottweiler to put in your backyard and warn off intruders, don't come to us. If you want a mate for your other dog in order to make puppies, don't come to us. If you want to train him to attack in order to protect you, don't come to us.   BUT

If you want a loving, loyal and devoted companion, that will live inside your home and become part of your family, we welcome you.

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