Surrendering Your Rottweiler


People Wanting To Adopt


West Coast Rottweiler Rescue accepts Owner Surrendered Rottweilers on a space available basis, often there is a waiting list.    We hope you have already tried all alternatives for suitable placement with family members and friends.  Your dog believes he is part of your family and will be confused and hurt when you give him away, we encourage you to keep your dog and are happy to help with advice or referrals.

 Some shelters and pounds accept Rottweilers and others do not.   Those that do normally charge you an  "intake fee. "   At the shelter/pound your dog will know fear, stress, hunger, thirst and often even physical abuse and may be killed because of failing absurd   "temperament tests"  which we consider inappropriate under any circumstances in a strange, stressful environment.

At West Coast Rottweiler Rescue your dog will be cared for and appropriately placed with exceptional people who have been approved for adoption and have signed our Adoption Contract.    Our commitment to each Rottweiler we rehome is forever.    Some Rotts are with us a short time and others may be with us a very long time, there are expenses, time and energy associated with accepting your dog and our commitment to him. No one will be turned away because of a financial hardship, your appropriate donation to WCRR for accepting your Rottweiler is considered a gift.

Please, try to answer all questions as honestly as you can, even unfavourable habits your dog may have. This is very important to help us place your dog into the proper environment and circumstances, and to insure its future safety and happiness


Wanting to Adopt


A family wishes to adopt a Rottie bitch puppy as a companion to an older very friendly sterilized male. The family have a toddler and the pup will be a member of the family.

Please contact us if you have a pup you wish to surrender.



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