Our Team


All of us that are involved in Rottweiler Rescue have a love and understanding of Rottweilers.

We all pitch in and help where ever we can.

Marcelle is the rescue Co-ordinator answering any enquiries.

Marcelle looks after some of the rescue dogs at her own kennels.

Foster families that kindly open their hearts and homes until the dogs find their forever home. 

Other volunteers help by picking up the rescue dogs and other things.

All of us contribute any way we can to help these poor dogs. Many things are funded out of our own pockets as the adoption fees do not cover all expenses. We rely solely on adoption fees and donations.

Many of our dogs need special veterinary care before re-homing. Donations are the only way we can do this.






The major part of the logo is the Claddagh, an old Irish Gaelic symbol which represents "Love, Friendship & Loyalty".
The Claddagh is used in many logos and is usually found in the form of a ring. Hands holding a heart is also universally used as a symbol of charity.


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